Why online therapy is good?

Every day we face various changes, which is normal within societies. With the advent of the internet and digital media, many companies moved their sales models of products and services to the digital plane. The ease of obtaining a product or service no matter where the person is, creates satisfaction and comfort for the customer.

In recent years, one of the services that have had an increasing presence in the online world is psychological therapy. For various reasons, more and more people are deciding to purchase this service virtually.

What is psychological therapy or psychotherapy?

Psychological therapy, better known as psychotherapy, is a set of techniques used by a mental health professional to help the patient improve their quality of life. The various procedures used in psychotherapy seek to modify thoughts, behaviors, or attitudes that may cause some discomfort in the person.

Psychotherapy is one of the most used techniques currently in the field of clinical psychology, being useful for a series of mental problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, personality disorders, and eating disorders.

Psychotherapy is not only for those who suffer from a mental disorder, it is also useful for those who are dealing with a conflict that may interfere in their life such as relationship problems, stress, the death of a loved one, loss of a job, trouble sleeping, difficulty making decisions and dealing with sexual problems.

Is it necessary to attend therapy?

Online therapy

When a person has a physical ailment they go to a doctor to find out what is happening to them, the same happens when a person does not feel well emotionally or psychologically. Unfortunately, many people limit themselves to therapy due to the stigma that mental health has had since its beginnings.

Many people consider that going to a psychologist is synonymous with weakness and prefers to pretend that everything is fine when in the end it may be worse for their health. A lot has been fought to normalize mental health, the importance of visiting a psychologist, and that this is just as important as physical health.

Taking care of mental health gives human beings balance in the different stages of their life. It allows them to think and act healthily, gives them tools to overcome their difficulties and live a happier life.

Go to therapy in times of pandemic

The arrival of covid19 has made many people access services virtually, therapy being one of these. Covid has not only wreaked havoc on a physical level but also on a psychological level. Various studies indicate that levels of anxiety and depression increased within the world population. The WHO points out that more than 300 million people suffer from depression, and more than 260 million people have anxiety disorders, alarming figures that should make the population worry and be a motivation to seek psychological help.

As the pandemic has made people have to use some services from home, psychological therapy has had a greater boom in recent months. Receiving help from home without having to expose themselves is something that invites each time people decide to seek help from a mental health professional.

Why is online therapy good?

Online therapy

Online therapy has the same function as attending an office of a psychologist or other mental health professional, which is to help a person who has a mental disorder or some type of conflict that interferes in its life. Many people avoid going to a psychologist’s office because they are afraid of being branded as weak people, they would not like to be seen leaving a psychologist’s office and start speculating. This is one of the problems that mental health has these days, the stigma associated with going to the psychologist.

Online therapy allows the patient to receive their treatment from the comfort of their home or other space, and without having to move from one place to another. As many people fear being seen leaving a psychologist’s office, online therapy allows the process to be carried out effectively without leaving home.

Another reason why online therapy is also as good as face-to-face therapy is because the patient can adjust schedules in a way that suits them. Many times the patient leaves work late, making it harder to go to the psychologist’s office, therapy allows the person from any space to receive the necessary help.

Online therapy in many cases is usually less expensive than face-to-face therapy since the psychologist with a consultation has to pay for the different services in the space in which it is, in the case of the online psychologist not, which allows that people can access quality therapy at a lower price.

Is online therapy the best option?

Therapy has several options and the person chooses the one that seems best to its needs. Online therapy does not seek to replace face-to-face therapy since many people prefer to speak with someone face to face, but due to the current situation the world is going through, online therapy allows mental health services to continue to be provided so people can get help they need.

Online therapy gives the person flexibility in terms of time and money, and in crises where people’s mental health is being affected, this becomes a great option.

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