Promoting mental health – The importance of being an active voice on mental health issues

In this article I am going to talk about mental health, its importance and why we should actively promote it.

Promoting mental health

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It is very common to hear every day how people talk about physical health. Much emphasis is placed on the care that people must have with their bodies. All these promotions are intended for the person to have a healthier lifestyle that will allow them to live a better life.

It is important to talk about physical health since a healthy body allows us to do all our activities. A healthy body is a sign that we are well. While it is true that it is important to talk about physical health, it also important to talk about mental health.

Talking about promoting mental health means taking action to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our mind and emotions. Promotion of mental health also involves creating spaces, strategies, and a set of situations that contribute not only to the physical well-being of the person but also to the mental one.

When a person presents symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression, they undergo changes that not only manifest themselves emotionally and psychologically but also physically. Symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders wreak havoc on the body, affecting people´s overall health.

When talking about mental health, other elements are taken into account that are important for the general well-being. It is common to hear the words “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, which indicate that if the mind is well as well it will be the body.

What is mental health?

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Mental health is defined as the emotional, psychological, and social balance that a person has, where it can function in the spheres of society and react to the challenges that it will have during life.

Mental health can be defined in many ways, it involves the well-being on a mental level that someone has. This does not mean that the mental health of the person cannot be compromised. Everyday situations will often create imbalances and the person will have to use its psychological resources to resolve these situations.

A person in good mental health is in a good state of mind. Is someone who can deal with situations that can trigger stress or anxiety.

Factors that can affect it

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Various factors can affect a person’s mental health regardless of race, gender, or economic status. One of the factors may be someone who suffers from a physical illness. Because of this, develops symptoms of sadness and worry, which can lead to high levels of anxiety. Someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, a divorce, removal from work or debt. The person may feel discouraged and hopeless.

Also, the mental health of a person can be greatly affected by mental disorders. Mental disorders have various causes. There are mental disorders originated due to stressful situations that a person has gone through. Learned behaviors, genetics, or environmental situations can play a big role.

Why should we have a more active role when it comes to promoting mental health?

promoting mental health

As human beings, we must have a more active role in promoting mental health. It is important to recognize that everyone’s mental health can be affected at any time, something that is normal. Talking actively about mental health helps normalize depression and anxiety, and remove the stigma about mental illness. Talking more about mental health means being more aware of those things that can affect our well-being in general.

Mental illnesses are a reality. Is not less important than someone who has other types of condition. But when we are aware of all this we can be able to take better care of our health in general.

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