Is stress always bad? – Understanding how stress works in people’s lives.

In this article we are going to talk about it is stress always bad?, how it impacts the life of people and how to control it.


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During daily life, it is common to experience stress at various levels since this will depend on how busy or loaded a person can be. The way a person deals with their day-to-day situations gives an idea of ​​how it can affect their life.

The WHO defines stress as the set of physiological reactions that prepares the body for action. The body remains alert to a situation that can generate certain changes around us and therefore it must be prepared.

When stress occurs, the person feels that the situations are beyond their possibilities and that they will have problems in solving them, so they begin to worry and think excessively about the situation. Nervousness and negative thoughts also manifest themselves and make the person increasingly feel unable to handle the situation.

Reasons why stress occurs

is stress always bad?

Stress occurs in various situations. Worries about various aspects of a person’s life can lead to having it. One of the reasons why stress can manifest itself is due to the presence of financial problems. Having debt, not having a job, and having to cover a series of needs can lead to it.

While it is true that not having a job leads to a person feeling stress, being in a job can also lead to the development of high levels of stress. A person who works in an environment full of negativity, where there is not good communication between employees and the workload is heavy, can lead to a lot of stress.

Health problems can also make a person feel stress, like dealing with certain illnesses and not knowing what can happen. Also having experienced a traumatic event can also lead to it, which is known as post-traumatic stress. A traumatic event can be a car accident, losing a loved one, or a divorce.

Positive stress vs negative stress

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Is stress always bad? No, is not always negative. There is a type that can be positive since it helps the person to stay alert and motivated to work on the things they have to do.

While it is true that stress in many cases can be negative, there is also positive stress which seeks that the person can stay active, alert and ready to focus. When there is positive stress, the person can see the situation as favorable, as an opportunity to do things better.

There is a difference between positive and negative stress. Positive stress is intended for the person to see the situation in their favor and allow them to get something good out of it. Negative stress is seen as a situation where there is no one exit, the person don’t know what to do, and worry arrives and feels isolated.

When the person is able to identify the type they have and how it affects their physical and mental health, this allows them to know how to handle themselves and look for possible solutions.

How to manage stress

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When the person has identified which type they may be suffering (the negative one), it is necessary for them to take into account some of the actions indicated here in order to reduce it and that it can be favorable.

One of the ways in which stress can be managed so that it does not affect negatively is by keeping calm. When there is a difficult situation, the person should try not to lock itself in and believe that everything is lost. There are always solutions, but these will come when the person remains in a state of tranquility and allows the answers to develop.

Another way to deal with negative stress is to take time to rest. The problem will not go away if the person spends more time thinking about it, so the rest is necessary. If the person feels overwhelmed after a long day at work and has something pending, must organize it in a way that allows to rest and free its mind from work pressure.

Negative stress can also be addressed through a healthier life, which involves exercising, sleeping better, and eating healthy foods. When a person adopts healthier habits, they are able to make better decisions and be happier since these habits influence their emotional well-being.

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