Hi, My Name is Aura Priscel

“Giving yourself the opportunity to go to therapy is one way of taking care of yourself. Mental health is a priority and it is our mission to raise awareness about this”. Aura Priscel.

Who Am I?

I am a woman who believes that it is never too late to change. Through different processes life has taught me the importance of recognizing when to seek help and this was what motivated me to prepare in the area of clinical psychology in order to help when you need it.

I am a clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, coach, facilitator of growth processes and various processes that only seek to bring well-being to each person with whom I come in contact. I believe that in each situation you can get the best out of it and take it as a tool to achieve your goals.

I am someone who tries to maintain a positive attitude in every situation, I believe that everything that happens in my life is a learning situation and I focus on getting the most out of it. I laugh at everything, dance, sing and enjoy every minute.

My Approach

The therapeutic approaches I work with are:

 Cognitive-behavioral approach:

Seeks to recognize and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, which will lead to a series of favorable behaviors for the person.

Systemic approach:

Seeks to understand and modify the forms of communication that a person has with itself and with the context.

Humanistic approach:

Seeks that people can reach their maximum potential and meet the proposed goals.

My Values


I am kind and I try to make others feel it in their dealings with me. I treat others in a way that I would like to be treated.


I focus on doing my job in the best possible way so that my client feels cared for and that I have responded to what they need.


I show myself as I am, I do not try to project something that I am not. I am real to what I feel and the things I do and that is what I show to each of my clients.

My Expertise

Individual Therapy
Psychological Counselling
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