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Aura Priscel

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I Talk

I am a Clinical Psychologist who offers Online Therapy. Through therapy I help people to overcome situations that can generate them anxiety and depression. 

I Talk

I talk about topics related to Mental Health and Education. As a psychologist with experience and preparation in the educational field I am able to teach others about the importance of Mental Health and Personal Development.

I Write

Besides a Psychologist, I am a Content Writer and I create content for different companies about Mental Health, Education and Personal Development.

About Me

I am a woman who enjoys living life in the best way possible. I try to learn from everything around me and my life experiences have taught me that I can change at the moment I decide to do it.

My mission is to help you overcome those situations that negatively interfere in your life. Through therapy, I guide you in a process where you discover more about yourself and develop a series of skills that will allow you to live a better life.


Happy clients

“Aura had me so much and are always capable of helping me understand my emotions. I am always amazed at how she gives me an accurate perspective of things. She has helped me in my life a lot! She is absolutely amazing”.

Julio Flaquer

“Through therapy, Aura has helped me to let go of my limiting beliefs and to realize that I am someone of great value. I learned to let go of my fears and to recognize that I have a lot to give.”

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